Heroin & Other Drugs

Heroin is often used in conjunction with other drugs. The effect differs with the drug(s) used but is likely to increase the risk of serious illness, overdose or can even prove fatal –

  • Alcohol – alcohol and heroin both depress the central nervous system. The combination has proven fatal, usually through suppression of breathing.
  • Amphetamines – mixing “uppers” and “downers” poses special risks; the stimulant effects of amphetamines such as speed may mask the opiate effects of heroin and make overdoses more likely.
  • Cocaine – mixing cocaine with heroin (known as a “speedball”) is especially dangerous; the two drugs increase the effectiveness of each other. Cocaine acts as a powerful stimulant and raises the heart rate, but its effects wear off quicker than heroin, which in turn slows the heart. As a result, the heart can lose its rhythm entirely.
  • Ecstasy – MDMA’s effects may mask the opiate effects of heroin and make overdose easier.
  • GHB – GHB is a liquid sedative anaesthetic; mixing it with heroin could fatally depress the central nervous system.


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