Assessment and Testing

Once a call is made to Heroin Advisor, callers will speak with an Addictions Advisor, who will ask for some background information in order to assess the best treatment option for each individual.

Our advisors are psychology graduates who have received specialist training in the field and are supported and supervised by specialist nurses, as well as having immediate access to advice from senior addiction counsellors and addiction psychiatrists.

If required, assessment may also take place in the home, by the local care coordinator (either a specialist nurse or counsellor) who will work with the addict and their family to develop a care plan which will provide a choice of use of local free services or private services.

Enhanced assessment is also available in Harley Street, London, with a specialist consultant psychiatrist or senior addictions counsellor.

Drug testing using urine, saliva or hair, is also available via the Heroin Advisor service.


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